An Affordable Approach to the Design/Build of Sustainable, High-Mass Homes


Our mission is to further the sustainability of life by providing a cutting edge technology that is easy to build, aesthetically pleasing and affordable.


affordable earth-friendly housing
The Form Free™ Building System uses poured earth, a soil cement technology that creates high mass earthen walls with a much lower environmental impact than its conventional predecessor, the portland cement wall.


The Form Free™ Building System requires minimal skilled labor and can be built in a fraction of the time that conventional form-based methods require. This creates huge savings by reducing labor costs.


affordable earth-friendly housing
The Form Free™ Building System is the perfect building technology for countries in search of a method that enables them to easily construct quality homes and buildings using local materials and labor.

Costly Inefficiencies Inherent in Today’s Custom Home Market

Today, more than ever, the quest for a more efficient and less costly approach to the design and build of custom homes is paramount if we are to further quality home ownership.  To achieve this goal, we must find a way to eliminate the myriad of inefficiencies that begin with design and continue through construction that result in serious cost and schedule overruns.

The first inefficiency begins with the premise that each client’s size/space needs and site requirements necessarily require a unique, “one-of-a-kind” design. These inefficiencies continue through construction as a “one-of-a-kind” set of drawings necessarily requires a “one-of-a-kind” approach to construction; every new and different detail demanding more time and attention.

Unfortunately, these inefficiencies are now the “norm,” furthering the expectations of cost and schedule overruns.  But, what if an architect didn’t need to “start from scratch” each time?  And, what if construction details could become repeatable without losing the elegance of imaginative design?  This is the reality of the highly adaptive Form Free™ Building System.

The Form Free™ Building System

A Unique Way of Thinking, Designing and Building

For over 30 years, Michael Frerking of Living Systems Sustainable Architecture, has focused upon the sustainability of our built environment; in particular, the design/build of passive solar, high mass, soil cement homes.  During that time Frerking has been responsible for three revolutionary developments in that field; each technological achievement making the ownership of sustainable, high mass, custom homes more affordable.

Frerking’s Goal

Home ownership should no longer be the purview of the few…but the reality of the many.

How We Achieve It

With his latest development – the FORM FREE™ BUILDING SYSTEM – Frerking has achieved that goal by adhering to the following two premises:

What is simpler to design necessarily becomes simpler to build.

What can be repeated in design can also be repeated in construction!

Yet, true simplicity is the result of careful planning and masterful design.