Our mission is to further the sustainability of life by providing a cutting edge technology that is easy to build, aesthetically pleasing and affordable.


Living Systems Sustainable ArchiectureMichael Frerking of Living Systems Sustainable Architecture, the originator of the FORM FREE™ BUILDING SYSTEM, offers a different kind of design/build practice dedicated to providing their clients with:

the highest quality sustainable home …
at a much more AFFORDABLE price.

Unfortunately today, the cost of most custom homes ends up far exceeding the original, agreed-upon number for construction.  The result: angry clients and a lot of finger-pointing!!

Living Systems Sustainable Architecture, however, believes that you, the client, deserves to receive a REAL budget number… not a hopeful one.  Moreover, this number should be agreed upon before entering into the design phase of your project!

How Does Living Systems Sustainable Architecture Achieve this Goal?


Recently developed by Architect Michael Frerking, of Living Systems Sustainable Architecture, this systems approach to the design/build of their sustainable custom homes has revolutionized the entire architectural and construction process. Guided by two basic premises: that “what is simpler to design, is simpler to build” and “what can be repeated in design can also be repeated in construction”Frerking’s Form Free™ Building System has significantly reduced the current inefficiencies inherent in today’s custom home market.  The result?  Making custom home building more affordable.

Using a repeatable, shop-fabricated, 3-dimensional, precision building block system, Frerking has taken the complex puzzle that is today’s design/build process and replaced it with a simpler system that is still capable of creating an almost infinite number of unique building designs.


Throughout the design phase, Frerking also uses a process called Value Engineering to help control and reduce costs for clients. By continually evaluating aesthetic alternatives, Living Systems Sustainable Architecture is able to assure that their clients end up with the right design aesthetic… and for the right price!

In fact, they have found time and time again that, at the close of construction, their method of practicing Value Engineering has actually saved clients the cost of their architectural fee.

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