Form Free™ Building Training


Our mission is to further the sustainability of life by providing a cutting edge technology that is easy to build, aesthetically pleasing and affordable.


The FORM FREE™ BUILDING SYSTEM (FFBS) Training and Certification Program is project-based and custom designed for professionals in the building trades who are interested in learning FORM FREE™ from construction of the internal “cells” to the final pouring and finishing of the project walls.


Our Training and Certification Program is project-based and involves three phases of instruction.

PHASE ONE: Initial Training

Training will begin initially on-line to fully acquaint the participant with all aspects of the FFBS process.  Specifically, each participant will gain basic information regarding the:

  1. Fabrication of the FFB vertical wire mesh “cells” that make up the structural wall assembly.
  2. Installation of the structural wall assemblies on-site.
  3. Pouring, finishing and coloring of walls.

At the end of this initial phase participants will be tested and receive a FORM FREE™ APPRENTICE CERTIFICATION.

PHASE TWO: “Hands-On” Training

This phase provides on-the-job training by certified FFBS professionals who will lead the paid project crew (i.e., the participants who have passed Phase One) through the construction of their project walls from installation through finishing. At the end of the wall building phase of the project, and with approval by the FFBS staff,  the participant’s APPRENTICE CERTIFICATION will be upgraded to PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION.  This would enable each participating crew member to be able to provide FFBS walls on other approved projects.

PHASE THREE: Partnering with Form Free™ Building Projects

Those who have achieved PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION may now provide services on any approved project using the FFB system anywhere in the world.

Approval by our FFBS staff is required so that all certified professionals remain up-to-date on the FFBS technology. By providing continuing education and technical support, we can ensure that FFBS remains a highly professional method of creating high-mass walls.

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